Powering today’s connected audio solutions, sound bars
and smart speakers.

Enabling high-quality, high-definition audio

MediaTek offers a diverse range of premium audio products built on nearly two decades of technology investments in sound processing for immersive, premium surround sound for home theater systems, connected speakers, sound bars and receivers.

Connected Audio Solutions

Audio + Voice

MediaTek powers today’s connected audio solutions, sound bars and smart speakers, bridging the gap between Hi-Fi and Wi-Fi. With more and more content pulled direct from streaming services, consumers want connected audio devices that offer seamless listening experiences, no matter where they are. Voice control means simply calling out “play my favorite track” to get your day started or relaxing evening time.

Long-standing relationships

MediaTek has long-standing relationships alongside premium audio companies like DTS & Dolby Laboratories, as well as deep involvement in international standards bodies for technology advancements in AV compression and streaming standards. Media is in our name, and we focus on providing the best quality audio/visual experiences to the widest audience.

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