MediaTek Helio G Series

The core of an incredible gaming experience

Through wide-ranging platform enhancements, we make every millisecond matter, ensuring there's no barrier to you dominating the field. It's not all game-time though, as you'll get to enjoy the same premium features for cameras, connectivity, multimedia and industry-leading AI performance on par with other top-tier MediaTek Helio chips. The G series features an array of technologies that boost the mobile gaming experience; from vivid visuals and rapid sensing touchscreens to enhancing the connection between your smartphone and the internet.

The Products

MediaTek HyperEngine

Featuring a Rapid Response Engine, Resource Management Engine, Picture Quality Engine and Networking Engine, MediaTek HyperEngine boosts every aspect of smartphone gaming to provide consistently fast FPS and brilliant in-game visuals, with seamless audio and internet, while also maximizing battery life.

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