Custom ASIC for Enterprise Applications

Meeting the Challenges of Your Application

Customization Potential:

  • Data Encryption / Decryption
  • Data Compression / Decompression
  • Multimedia Accelerators
  • Network Packet Processing
  • AI / ML
  • Ethernet SerDes up to 224G
  • SRAM, HBM, DDR5, LPDDR5, and more
  • Advanced interconnection I/O: UCIe, CXL
  • Advanced I/O including PCIe 5.0/6.0, USB4, MIPI, UFS, and others
  • Ethernet, Global Cellular, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Custom IP blocks


One of the main challenges for Enterprise applications is maintaining high-performance and low latency, particularly when dealing with extreme volumes of data. MediaTek has expertise to design Enterprise-grade ASIC solutions for data centers & servers using the latest Arm Neoverse CPUs, high performance on-chip/inter-chip interconnects, large embedded SRAM and diverse memory platform options, all to handle specific tasks or workloads, which can lead to improved performance and reduced latency, improving operational performance.

Low Power Technology

With our expertise in mobile products, our innate understanding of power efficiency maximizes performance per watt, and performance per dollar, maximizing operational efficiency. MediaTek’s ASICs solutions are designed to be power-efficient, expending energy to perform only the specific workloads, and applications they are programmed for which can reduce power consumption compared to general-purpose processing.


MediaTek can accommodate cryptographic IP from trusted sources and partners, allowing ASIC to be designed with built-in security features that meet specific designs, such as encryption/decryption or authentication, to help protect against potential security threats. Unique and novel solutions are fundamentally more difficult to attack than common processor platforms.

  • Accommodate custom security IP
  • Commitment to secure products

Enterprise ASICs

MediaTek's Enterprise ASICs are custom-designed chips that cater to the unique requirements of enterprise-level applications. These chips are specifically designed for use in data centers, networking equipment, storage devices, and other enterprise-grade systems. MediaTek's Enterprise ASICs are known for their high-performance, power efficiency, and reliability, making them ideal for demanding computing and networking environments.

These chips are designed to handle complex processing tasks, data-intensive workloads, and advanced networking protocols, while also offering customization options to meet the specific needs of enterprise customers. With their advanced features and tailored designs, MediaTek's Enterprise ASICs provide a solid foundation for building reliable and efficient enterprise-grade systems.

Ideal for companies seeking custom ASIC solutions for differentiation and uniqueness

 Why Choose MediaTek?

MediaTek is an ideal partner for enterprise companies seeking custom ASIC solutions. Now over 25 years in business, we have grown to become the world’s 5th largest fabless semiconductor company. We’re capable of building high quality, high-performance ICs at large volumes that can be shipped globally.

Pick from a range of high-performance building blocks like CPUs, AI, SerDes, and networking, or supply your own, then create high quality, high-performance ICs using advanced packaging, at volumes small-to-large, through our extensive partner ecosystem.

  • Extensive expertise in cutting-edge chip design
  • Very broad IP portfolio
  • Demonstrated time-to-market delivery
  • Active involvement and commitment to global technology standards
  • Deep ecosystem with global reach
  • Over 7,000 Patents
  • Over 2 billion products sold annually

Create Enterprise ASIC Solutions with MediaTek

From concept through support, MediaTek has you covered.

The Process

Feasibility Study

Initial collaboration to enable a custom solution, considering performance, power, die size, cost, time to market, and scope of operations.


Working closely with MediaTek's industry-leading teams to design and develop a new ASIC. Bring together our IP, as well as the customer’s own, to enable the type of best-in-class solution that enables the customer's goal. MediaTek has extensive emulation and simulation tools to ensure first silicon success.

Manufacture, test, assembly, package

Using our extensive industry partnerships to optimize the process, and if required, test, assemble, and package everything from a microcontroller to a large SoC, MCM, or SiP design, using the latest in 2.5D or 3D packaging technologies.

Project Launch

Assisting customers with platform design to be ready for wide scale integration into their portfolio.

Logistics and Volume

Leveraging business-scale global shipping and third party suppliers to enable reliable supply channels for ASICs.

Longevity and Support

From day one, MediaTek works with its clients to understand the lifecycle of a given platform, and works closely with its customers to ensure a complete end-to-end support infrastructure for a long as is needed. MediaTek has a long track record of demonstrating successful time-to-market delivery while pursuing all client environmental and sustainability targets.

Available IP

  • Cores: Arm Neoverse, Arm Cortex, RISC-V, MIPS
  • Specialised Caches: MRAM, ReRAM, FeRAM
  • ML Acceleration: MediaTek NPU, Cambricon NPU, FPGA
  • Wired Connectivity: 1G Ethernet, 10G Ethernet, 25G Ethernet
  • SerDes: 28G, 56G, 112G and 224G
  • I/O: PCIe, CXL, USB, Thunderbolt
  • Storage: UFS
  • Monitoring: GPIO, SPI, MIPI
  • Display: HDMI, DP
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, 5G, Satellite, Bluetooth
  • Memory: DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR4, DDR5, LPDDR5, HBM, HBM2, HBM2e, HBM3
  • Die-to-Die (D2D): MLink 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, XSR, USR, UCIe Standard and Advanced

Advanced Packaging

The choice of chip packaging is crucial to leading-edge chip design. MediaTek’s assured supply chain and partner ecosystem can accommodate monolithic silicon die designs with the ability to accommodate a single large area, and multi-chip module using various 2D, 2.5D or 3D layering on active or passive packages. Our extensive expertise allows us to meet a wide array of challenges in layout, yield, power consumption and thermal design at the initial feasibility and design stage, ensuring the optimal direction is selected from the very start.

  • Leading expertise in performance, power, thermal & cost factors
  • SoC, SiP, MCM chip design
  • 2D, 2.5D, 3D chip design
  • Active/passive packaging

Longevity and Support

With a commitment to contributing to global technology standards, our deep partner ecosystem and global sales reach, MediaTek has a long track record of demonstrating successful time-to-market delivery while pursuing all client environmental and sustainability targets. Collaborating with us on a project ensures a long-term commitment and support to ensure your success.

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