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MediaTek commercial display solutions

MediaTek commercial display solutions help businesses create smart digital signage, projection systems, video walls and interactive display billboards that deliver stand-out content to grab attention.

MediaTek creates highly integrated platforms for a wide variety of display-centric devices that range from small-to-large. With our large, cross-platform technology IP pool, businesses can trust our extensive expertise, whether the need is for retail, in office, services, events or other applications.

MediaTek’s wide-ranging intelligent technologies automate excellence in image quality, multimedia processing, artificial intelligence, voice assistants and connectivity, making any deployment easy and end-user experiences better than ever.

Highly-Integrated Platforms with Assured Quality

As the world’s 4th largest fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek has extensive expertise in creating highly-integrated chip designs with exceptional quality and long-term support. Our commercial display platforms are no exception, offering validated chip solutions that meet global market standards.


Integrated Ecosystem

MediaTek commercial display solutions are compatible with modern internet-based services, such as cloud gaming, video meetings and more.

4K 120Hz Displays with Motion Compensation

We’ve taken UltraHD displays to the next level, enabling brands to pair pin-sharp displays with ultra-fast refresh rates up to 120Hz. Even when the source content is lower than the refresh rate, MediaTek’s world-leading motion compensation engine ensures that all exciting and eye-catching content appears incredibly smooth and satisfying to watch.

AI-Picture Quality

MediaTek’s AI Picture Quality technology enables real-time facial and scene recognition, then automatically fine-tunes the picture quality settings by optimizing color saturation, brightness, sharpness, dynamic motion compensation and picture noise, to best showcase all types of content.

AI-Super Resolution

MediaTek AI-Super Resolution intelligently upscales all content, whether streamed, cable, or disc, to match the native display resolution. It uses unique AI-scene and -image recognition, in addition to per-frame data analysis that selectively reduces noise, applies sharpness and resizes elements, to greatly enhance the quality of real-time image upscaling.


As industry leaders in voice assistant devices (VADs), our AI voice technologies allow people to engage with them simply by talking to them, creating a natural, non-touch environment that’s ideal for public use.

Advanced Multimedia Decoding

MediaTek builds in a full suite of common multimedia codecs for content playback, including HEVC, VP9 and even the latest AV1 format, ensuring wide ranging compatibility in file types and codecs to meet all business needs.

Wi-Fi 6

We’ve combined our leading Smart TV and Wi-Fi portfolios to integrate the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard into our commercial displays platforms so they can deliver the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity for 4K content streaming without stutter.


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