Multi-Link Operation (MLO): The key to Wi-Fi 7 performance

What is Multi-Link Operation (MLO)?

Wi-Fi 7’s Multi-Link Operation (MLO) is a major technical advancement. It’s the reason why the new standard can achieve and maintain 1ms latency, even for the most data-demanding, real-time applications. It is critical for keeping up with real-time and latency-sensitive applications such as:

  • Video Collaboration
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Wireless VR Headsets
  • 4K/8K Streaming
  • Emerging Metaverse Applications

MLO is accepted on Wi-Fi 7 “Multi-Link Devices” (MLD). These devices allow concurrent connections and data in multiple channels across a single or multiple frequency bands, aggregating their bandwidth for greater performance. MLO also enhances reliability as efficient link switching provides more opportunities for interference mitigation.

By performing load balancing according to traffic requirements, MLO helps heavily loaded networks achieve:

  • Significantly higher throughput
  • Lower Latency
  • Enhanced reliability

MLO also helps prevent common transmission challenges in congested wireless environments:

  • In-device coexistence (IDC) interference
  • Network congestion
  • Running out of spatial streams

Introduction: Types of MLO modes

  • Multi-Link Multi-Radio (MLMR) modes: Links are statically assigned and cannot switch to other frequencies dynamically.
  • Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STR) mode: For when there is sufficient isolation that links can operate independently without loss from IDC interference.
  • Non-STR (NSTR) mode: Coordinates synchronous transmission across the band links.
  • Enhanced Multi-Link Single Radio (MLSR) modes: Links can switch to other frequencies dynamically.
  • Enhanced Multi-Link Single Radio (MLSR) modes: Defined to dynamically switch all multi-link capable radios and antennas to a single link.

Choose the right MLO mode for your network needs

Recommended for fastest throughput performance: eMLSR

A clear winner, especially in heavy traffic environments

Recommended for lowest latency: STR

However, eMLSR still offers competitive performance

However, some MLO designs are better than others…

Only MediaTek’s innovative Filogic Wi-Fi 7 product platforms are built with single-chip MLO, which ensures the fastest possible and most power efficient link aggregation.

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