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Voice Assistant Devices (VAD) and Smart Speakers bring a new dynamic into the home. Their natural language capability and ease of use simplify tasks we perform every day, from booking an appointment, playing music or making an online purchase. Their convenience keeps us heads-up and hands-free.

MediaTek is the global market leader for chipsets that power voice assistant devices and is inside hundreds of millions of home products to date. It’s always MediaTek’s mission to make great technology accessible to everyone and help device makers bring to market innovative and affordable voice assistant devices users love.

We continue to advance our chipset technology and work closely with our partners to expand this ecosystem and power even more devices that can take advantage of our voice and AI solutions for the home and beyond.

Bringing a New Era of Digital Assistants

As Smart Speaker popularity increases, users are demanding faster responses, a privacy-focused design and ultra-reliable connectivity. This requires a change; away from Cloud-exclusive servicing and towards greater edge (in-chip) processing. Edge processing offers a faster response and more robust security to protect users’ data and uses less power and bandwidth. To meet demand for more powerful, more capable next-generation digital assistants we’re already ahead of the game. Our latest VAD platforms offer market-leading in-chip processing performance, powerful, in-house designed AI engines, Hi-Fi audio plus the option of integrating displays and smart cameras – all from a single chip.

Our Incredible AI Ecosystem

MediaTek NeuroPilot & APU’s for Cutting-Edge AIoT Devices

MediaTek chipsets for Voice Assistant Devices build on our established NeuroPilot AI ecosystem that allows developers to tap into their computing capabilities such as CPUs, GPUs and APUs (AI Processing Units). The time to migrate applications between platforms is minimized, reducing costs and accelerating time to market.

Our expertise in designing in-chip APUs means we are tailoring our chipsets to provide unique solutions that maximize performance and power efficiency, providing brands with the tools and platforms to make incredible, fresh experiences at home or on the go.

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MediaTek Far-Field Algorithm & Development Kit

MediaTek’s Far-Field algorithm is designed to provide digital assistants with accurate listening and interpretation skills in difficult environments, such as loud background noise, echo, or where many people are talking at once. Based on this platform and in collaboration with Amazon, MediaTek has introduced a Development Kit to help brands develop products with Alexa built-in.

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