MiraVision for Smartphones

What is MiraVision technology?

MediaTek MiraVision is an exclusive suite of technologies that intelligently adjust a wide range of display and video stream factors. Available exclusively for product makers to enhance their designs, MediaTek MiraVision provides extensive hardware and software optimizations that improve the viewing quality, bringing cinema-grade visual experiences to the small screen.

MiraVision for High Frame Rate Displays

Motion Blur Reduction (Pixel OD)

Building on MediaTek’s extensive expertise and industry-leadership in smart TVs, commercial displays and display technologies, MediaTek’s Motion Blur Reduction introduces pixel overdrive control to smartphones for the first time. Providing full frame, pixel-level object movement detection, it dramatically improves the visual quality and user experience of high frame rate smartphone displays.

MediaTek Intelligent Display Sync 3.0

The 3rd generation technology provides a combination of real-time adaptive display refresh rate based on scenario triggers that determine whether the image displayed is static/slow moving or intense action, new display power control mechanisms, and touch detection that automatically triggers display refresh rate changes.

MediaTek Color Management for HDR media

Color management with AI SDR/HDR content detection that adjusts HDR media brightness and contrast in dark light environments

Smart BluLight Defender

Smart BluLight Defender cuts the display’s blue light energy, saving power and minimizing eyestrain, while maintaining color accuracy via MediaTek’s Memory Color Recovery technology. Unlike third-party apps, this hardware-based feature doesn’t produce a yellow-tint effect and consequently outperforms alternatives in terms of viewing comfort.

EnergySmart Screen 2.0

EnergySmart Screen 2.0 optimizes display readability while saving power. First, it senses ambient lighting and evaluates the content on the screen, then our context-aware technology ensures the best viewing experience is delivered in all lighting conditions, providing over 10% panel power savings

Wi-Fi Display up to 4K60 HDR10+

The latest MediaTek Dimensity 5G smartphone chips support wireless HDR10+ video streaming directly from smartphone to select 4K HDR Smart TV via Wi-Fi 6. Videos up to 4K60 resolution, 10-bit HDR and DCI-P3 wide color gamut (1 billion colors via lossless transmission) are supported.

MiraVision Video


Video Clarity PQ

Hardware-based video PQ (Picture Quality) engine that performs adaptive noise reduction, gradient smoothing, improved sharpness and detail are applied to low quality, low resolution video streams and media that exhibit significant noise and blocky elements.

Video AI-SR & MEMC

New Video AI-SR & MEMC algorithms dynamically upscale media to meet the native resolution and frame rate, notably improving the video playback experience, while also providing up to 50% power savings versus decoding higher video resolution and framerate.

AI Region PQ

AI Region PQ now performs region & object identification within each video frame, applying dynamic HDR image enhancements for each identified element, such as faces, people, environments, among others, to provide a more natural HDR video experience from any SDR video source.


8K AV1 Ready

MediaTek MiraVision supports a wide range of hardware-based video decoding engines for popular streaming codecs, including the latest AV1 for up to 8K media streams, unlocking the limitations of smartphones to showcase the most impressive videos, while also being extremely light on battery.

MiraVision Enhancements for HDR10, HDR10+ and HDR10+ Adaptive Video Playback

MiraVision Video can provide enhancements for media using the HDR10, HDR10+ and HDR10+ Adaptive format in real-time , to display better quality than the original content. MiraVision can apply frame-level adjustments to HDR10 format media, block-level adjustments to HDR10+ format media and color enhancements to HDR10+ Adaptive format media.